Indigenous Inquiry Kits by Students

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A. J. Hrychuk

IIK - Aspects of Aboriginal Tradition - A J  Hrychuk

Integrated Thematic Unit - Why am I proud to be Manitoban - A. J. Hrychuk

Table of Contents

Indigenous Inquiry Kit Presentation A. J. Hrychuk

Debra Fraser

Aboriginal Inquiry Kit Debra Fraser

Jolene Dyck

Legends and Myths

Rebecca Arnold

Indigenous Dwellings Inquiry Kit- website version

Stacie Roblin

Exploring the Night Sky

Shawna Spence

IIK_Shawna Spence

Tamara Hancock

Aboriginal War Veterans and Their Contributions to War Efforts

Literature Circle Student Booklet

Thematic Unit - Aurora Borealis Art Project Rough Sample

Thematic Unit Portfolio Tracking Sheet

Why Should I Wear a Poppy - Thematic Unit

Allison Froese

Indigenous Dwellings Inquiry Kit

Lesson Plan North

Janelle Painter


Cheryl Kruchak

Medicines and Nature

Kelsey Brown

Life in Balance

Two Metis Women

Dancing Teepees

Concept Map

ELA Lesson Plan 1

ELA Lesson Plan 2

Heart of the Circle

Music Lesson Plan 1

Music Lesson Plan 2

NA Indian Music

NA Mythology


Powwow Questions

Rationale Paper

Really Good Brown Girl

Resource List


Table of Contents

Wisdom of Elders